Petrina Carlson of Fort Frances, ON Wins $11,420!

Riverside Foundation for Health Care is excited to announce that the winner of the February 50/50 jackpot of 2023 is Petrina Carlson of Fort Frances, ON with the winning ticket number AA-3248985. Petrina is the lucky recipient of $11,420 with the same amount going to the Foundation. The draw was made Tuesday, February 28st at 11:00am in the Foundation Office.

Like mother, like daughter, Petrina isn’t the first in her family to take home the jackpot, with her daughter Chelsea previously winning in December 2021. Understandably, Petrina had to keep asking ‘you’re not kidding right’ when she was called to inform of her good fortune. A supporter of the lottery since the beginning, Petrina expressed that she always purchases tickets as it goes to a good cause and she has been happy to see all the equipment goals being met. She is planning on treating her co-workers to dinner to celebrate, and although she has no immediate plans for the majority of her winnings, she is thinking about a possible Vegas trip. However, that may change as a shiny red truck caught her eye at West End Motors when her winning photo was being taken.

Chalk February up to being a month of lucky coincidences as the $500 early bird winner, Elizabeth Appleton of North Bay, ON (previously of Fort Frances), had already previously won the inaugural early bird draw in May 2021.

Thanks to revenue from the November 2022 – February 2023 ticket purchases, enough funds have been raised to purchase a Cellavision DC-1 for the lab. This software, which identifies white blood cells, will be extremely helpful to the lab staff. Low staff numbers and new technologists that do not have the experience to identify abnormal cells means that identification can take some time. Because of the ability to send pictures to the pathologist to help identify cells, the Cellavision provides more accurate and faster identification which can lead to a faster diagnoses of blood cancers. All proceeds from the March draw will be put towards a double infusion pump for the ER.

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