The amount required to move forward with the purchase of the upgrades and equipment is $1,500,000

Picture This...keeping health care close to home for all residents of the Rainy River District

A district wide campaign to upgrade the X-Ray rooms, purchase an elevating fluoroscopy table, and replace the CT scanner and digital mammography machine for Riverside Health Care Facilities to benefit all Rainy River District residents.



Campaign Cabinet Committee

Meghan Cox & Linda Hamilton Campaign Co-Chairs

Allison Cox Campaign Director

Sandra Beadle Campaign Assistant

Chalina Abraham & Tracy Ruppenstein Riverside Family Co-Chairs/Diagnostic Imaging Reps 

Martin Kreger West District Chair

Nicke Paddock & Tanya Jerome Communications/PR Co-Chairs

Grace & Duane Cridland Major Gifts Co-Chairs 

Julie Loveday Riverside Executive Rep

Dr. Lorena Jenks Physician Rep 

Bev Langner Auxiliary Rep

Elizabeth Leishman-Fortes Rainy River District Breast Health Network Rep

Meghan Cox  Foundation Board Rep

Jon Begg Riverside Board Rep

For More Information


[email protected]


Call the Foundation office at (807)274-4803 to make a donation over the phone using a credit card.
Or mail in a completed pledge form to the address listed below.